Harness Lead - Rainforest (Olive/Lime/Turquoise) -

Harness Lead - Rainforest (Olive/Lime/Turquoise) -

Harness Lead, LLC
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Small/Medium best for 14 lbs to 40 lbs (2 ft shorter than the M/L)
*can scale down as small as 10 lbs, but functions best on 14 lbs and up
* Leash length on a 25/30lb dog is 6 ft from back to handle.
*S/M can go up to 100 lb dog but length will be under 4 ft.
*3/8 diameter thickness

Medium/Large best for 40 lbs to 170 lbs (2 ft longer than the S/M)
*M/L will fit smaller 40lbs, but length will be over 6 ft
*Leash length on a 60/70 lb dog is 6 ft from back to handle.
*7/16 diameter thickness

Harness Lead is made in a loose weave in order to be soft and comfortable on the dog. Because of the loose weave, it can be prone to snags from a dog's tooth, tree branch, etc...
If we make the leash in a very tight weave so a snag will not occur, it will be rough on the dog's skin.
A snag does not mean the leash in unraveling and it will not affect the very complicated double braided construction.
Over time as the leash ages a bit, snags will no longer occur.

There is a video on our HOW TO page on fixing a snag. it is a very simple process. Even if you simply just snip the snag, it will be fine and not come apart due to the complicated weave in the leash. 
Scroll to bottom of "HOW TO USE" PAGE FOR VIDEO

TIP: Once you properly fit Harness Lead to dog and you begin the walk, you will notice the rubber disc will rise in air. This is correct. The RUBBER DISC is there to prevent over loosening. Rubber disc acts as a "floater". Allow the RUBBER DISC to RISE and FALL naturally. Do not continue to push rubber disc down as you walk, this will keep leash tight on dog.
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