TNDC Bully Stick - Pixie/Mini - 6"

TNDC Bully Stick - Pixie/Mini - 6"

The Natural Dog Company
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Chewing is a natural dog instinct that provides stimulation, improves canine dental health, and relieves anxiety. With all those pawsitives, it’s crucial to find a way to encourage healthy chewing. 

100% natural bull pizzle with no artificial flavors, preservatives, grains, or glutens, making these chews ideal for even the most sensitive stomachs. Packed with protein and healthy fat, your dog is taking in nutrients while enjoying long-lasting chewing entertainment.

This high-protein, odor free chew is a great option for those toy breed dogs or small puppies! This chew is soft enough that you can break it in half with your bare hands, so it's appropriate for dogs who are missing a couple of teeth.