Raw Dog Barkery Freeze-Dried Scrambled Duck Eggs 4oz

Raw Dog Barkery Freeze-Dried Scrambled Duck Eggs 4oz

Raw Dog Barkery
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Ducks eggs are have higher nutrient levels and yolks are larger than chicken eggs. Ducks eggs are higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 71.4 milligrams in duck eggs versus 37 milligrams in chicken eggs. Ducks eggs are actually 50% larger than jumbo chicken eggs (2 duck eggs = 3 chicken eggs).

Our ducks never receive antibiotics or given any chemicals to enhance productivity. Our duck feed is from non-GMO seeds and manure from our ducks is used on crops.

Our eggs are cleaned with high pH solution to disinfect We do not use bleach which means the eggs can be brown, spotted, or white.
Dogs that are allergic to chicken eggs can often eat duck eggs. Duck eggs have protein complexes that differ from chicken eggs.