Raw Dog Barkery Pork Donut - The Slobbering Monster

Raw Dog Barkery Pork Donut - The Slobbering Monster

Raw Dog Barkery
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Raw Dog Barkery's products are sourced and made in Wisconsin, US with USDA inspected meats and produce.  Raw Dog Barkery's philosophy is that dogs & cats are entitled to the same quality food as humans.

The Raw Dog Barkery uses a proprietary in-house advanced cold vacuum  process technology which removes water using pressure while preserving the nutritional values of whole foods without added fillers, preservatives or extracts.  

The Raw Dog Barkery does not have their products manufactured by third parties. The Raw Dog Barkery team makes their products from premium cut USDA real whole foods and are produced in small batches to assure freshness and quality. 

The Slobbering Monster Ingredients: Pork, Cranberry, Chia Seeds