OC Raw Freeze-Dried Meaty Rox Chicken & Produce

OC Raw Freeze-Dried Meaty Rox Chicken & Produce

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OC Raw Meaty Rox are tasty morsels that feature 90% Chicken Meat, Bones and Organs. It is a freeze-dried dog food that can also be used as a treat, training tool or as a complete diet both re-hydrated or freeze dried. If you are using as a complete diet without re-hydrating be sure to have ample water available. This is a nutritionally complete and balanced dog food using premium muscle cuts and fresh fruits and vegetables. This food is proudly manufactured in Orange County, California.

Product Benefits:

  • Simple Ingredients
  • Made in Orange County, California
  • Grain-Free & Gluten-Free
  • Featuring Chicken, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Complete & Balanced Freeze Dried Raw Nutrition
  • Contains Fruits and Vegetables
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