Love Yo' Pup Dog Treats Boomstick 8oz Bag
Love Yo' Pup Dog Treats Boomstick 8oz Bag

Love Yo' Pup Dog Treats Boomstick 8oz Bag

Love Yo' Pup
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Locally made in Omaha, NE

Popular around the Fourth of July, Boomstick is our anti-anxiety treat. Sooth and calm your pup during those times when the celebration gets to be too much.

Boomstick, calming dog treats, are made with natural roots and herbs, such as Camomille and Valerian Root, known to ease anxiety. We introduced these last "fireworks" season and recieved many thank you notes from happy customers.

Humanely harvested  |  Sustainable  |  Gluten free

Each 8 oz. bag of dog biscuits contains approximately 25 treats.


*Grass-fed, free-roaming Beef; *Beef liver; *Beef heart; *chamomile; *valerian root; *brown rice flour; *coconut flour; *kale; *squash; *flax seed meal; *parsley; *mint; *free-range, free-roaming eggs; *coconut oil; aluminum-free baking powder and *Beef broth.

*Organic ingredient

A note about grass-fed animals. The meat from animals raised outside on a grass (the natural diet of ruminants) contain higher levels of essential nutrients--vitamins and minerals--than their grain-fed counterparts.

We do not use preservatives in our treats. To maintain freshness, we recommend keeping your bag of biscuits refrigerated.

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