Fluff & Tuff Christmas Geri Gingerbread

Fluff & Tuff Christmas Geri Gingerbread

Fluff & Tuff
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Superior, ultra-plush outer fabric
Thick, durable Tuffweb™ mesh liner
Concealed and double stitched seams
Non-toxic polyester fill placed for optimal shaping and play-ability
Embroidered eyes

All Fluff & Tuff toys are machine washable

Play Safe
Always supervise your dog’s play time. While our toys are made with high quality materials to be more durable, they are still plush toys – not chew toys – and therefore are not indestructible. All Fluff & Tuff toys meet the same strict standards set for manufacturing children’s plush toys in the United States, including: ASTM F963-11 (Standard Consumer Safety Specs for Toy Safety), testing for lead and Phthalates, and double scanning for foreign or metal objects.

Geri Gingerbread

Geri Gingerbread knows what dogs want (what they really, really want) for Christmas: a new best friend! She’s a tuff cookie who’s always up for a game of tug, fetch, or shake, because when it comes to Geri, friendship never ends.


Geri Gingerbread is a SMALL toy measuring 8" in height