Bosco & Roxy's 3D Burger Slider Dog Cookie

Bosco & Roxy's 3D Burger Slider Dog Cookie

Bosco & Roxy's
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It's Snack Time! These delicious bites will have your pooch Woofin' for more!

It's B.B.Q season and now your pup can join in on the fun! Our featured '3D Burger Slider' has become one of our most popular (and demanded) cookies! Order this full, 3D version of the seasonal favourite today!

These gourmet, hand decorated, artisanal cookies are always baked fresh in our facility with strict quality control and food safety standards. We use the finest wholesome ingredients from North American suppliers, ensuring our treats are of the highest quality.

Feeding Instructions: Intended as a treat or reward, not food. Supervise your dog while eating to ensure treat is broken into small pieces of an appropriate size for your dog before consuming. If treat is consumed quickly and in large pieces, there is risk of choking or gastrointestinal blockage. Color transfer may occur.

Storage Info: Do NOT freeze any treats. Store in a cool dry place.