Bamboo Groom Oval Pin Brush w/ Pins - Small/Medium

Bamboo Groom Oval Pin Brush w/ Pins - Small/Medium

Bamboo Groom (Pet Adventures Worldwide)
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Oval Pin Brush by Bamboo Groom is a handcrafted brush made to remove loose hair, stimulate blood flow, and spread natural oils to make your dog's coat shine bright! This beautiful brush is smooth, water-resistant, and has a perfect ergonomic shape for easy brushing. This everyday brush will keep the hair off your pet and off your couch!  
Gentle on the Planet. Gentle on Your Pets.

Bamboo Groom is proud to offer a complete collection of premium grooming tools that feature eco-friendly bamboo material. Each of our grooming combs, brushes and rakes are carefully handcrafted and designed for a lifetime of comfortable grooming.

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