Alzoo Plant-Based Calming Collar For Cats
Alzoo Plant-Based Calming Collar For Cats

Alzoo Plant-Based Calming Collar For Cats

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NATURAL CALMING COLLAR GREAT FOR ANXIETY, MARKING AND MORE - NO SYNTETIC PHEROMONES: Like humans, cats are susceptible to stress & anxiety caused by a variety of situations. This can result in excessive meowing, destructive behavior, marking, nervousness and loss of appetite. Our Calming Collar helps provide comfort to cats experiencing stress due to changes in the environment or routine, new pets introductions or loud noises. 
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Utilizing Natural Nepeta Cataria Extracts infused into the collar, these extracts are proven to reduce unwanted anxiety-induced behaviors. Safe for daily use. Light, soothing scent.
SUSTAINABLE, SAFE & POWERFUL: Proven, safe and effective for when used as directed. Breakaway safety system, allowing the collar breaks accidental hanging. Natural Ingredients: no synthetic pheromones, no PVC, no phthalates . Cruelty free, made using recycled and recyclable packaging.
WATERPROOF. The Alzoo Calming Collar is Waterproof and does not need to be removed during grooming.
DURABLE & SUITABLY SIZED. Effective for up to 4 weeks. One size fits most.
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