St. Pawtrick's Day 'Lucky Loot' Surprise Bags

St. Pawtrick's Day 'Lucky Loot' Surprise Bags

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Unleash the luck of the Irish upon your furry friends with The Green Spot's exclusive St. Pawtrick's Day 'Lucky Loot' Surprise Bags! Each bag is a delightful mystery waiting to be unraveled, filled with a curated selection of premium goodies that will leave tails wagging and hearts pounding with excitement. Tailored to suit your pet's size, these enchanting bags are brimming with a variety of handpicked treasures from our store – toys, treats, accessories, and more! Picture your beloved pet discovering a unique assortment of high-quality products, carefully chosen to make this St. Patrick's Day truly special.

But here's the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the value of these bags is at least double the price! The small dog bag, priced at just $30, guarantees at least $60 worth of delightful surprises inside. It's not just a bag of luck; it's a double dose of joy and celebration!

Whether your furry companion is a small sprite or a big-hearted leprechaun, there's a bag bursting with surprises just for them. Grab a bag of luck, love, and laughter, and join us in celebrating the magic of St. Pawtrick's Day at The Green Spot!
Limited stock available, so hurry and snag your 'Lucky Loot' before the rainbow disappears!
Available in three tail-wagging sizes!
  • Small Size: Perfect for pint-sized pals under 25lbs! This bag is packed with fun-sized goodies tailored just for your petite pooch. From tiny toys to bite-sized treats, it's a little bag with a lot of love.
  • Medium/Large Size: For those mid-sized marvels between 25-75lbs, we've got a bag as big and bold as their personalities! Expect toys that match their energy and treats to satisfy those in-between cravings.
  • Extra Large Size: Is your furball a giant among canines, tipping the scales over 75lbs? Our Extra Large bag is designed for the big-hearted leprechauns in the doggy world. It's a jumbo package of joy, filled with toys and treats that match their size and spirit.
Embrace the magic of St. Pawtrick's Day with the perfect-sized surprise for your four-legged friend. Hurry, snag your 'Lucky Loot' before they vanish like a pot of gold!
Surprise Bags are final sale and are not returnable/exchangeable or applicable for other additional discounts.
St. Pawtrick's Day 'Lucky Loot' Surprise Bags are available for IN-STORE pick-up only.
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